Sports Vision

While your body must be in pique physical shape, your eyes also need to be in optimal condition for you to compete at the highest level you possibly can. Your vision, depth perception, and tracking abilities are essential for athletics. Fortunately, the optometry professionals at Eye 1st Vision Center in Sandy Springs offer sports vision testing and therapy, which can significantly improve your vision and improve your overall athletic performance.


What Is Sports Vision Testing?

A sports vision test goes beyond what your optometrist would do during a typical eye exam. During a sports vision test, our optometrist will test your eyes for the abilities necessary to excel in your sport. Athletes who play football, baseball, hockey, tennis, and golf especially benefit from sports vision testing.

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

Sports vision testing tests aspects of your eyesight that are overlooked in a traditional eye exam. Our optometrist will test your hand-eye coordination, your depth perception, and how well you can track objects with your eyes. If your optometrist finds that you are lacking in any of these abilities, they can create a program of sports vision therapy to help you improve.

Your Sports Vision Test

During a sports vision test, our optometrist will perform the following tests:

  • Snellen Eye Chart to test your visual acuity
  • Eye-tracking test
  • Measurements of your depth perception
  • Test to determine the dominant eye
  • Tests to determine how well your eyes work together
  • Tests to determine your visual processing speed
  • Tests to measure your reaction time
  • Hirschberg Test to check for abnormal eye alignment

If your sports vision test shows that you are lacking in any area, our optometrist may prescribe glasses. However, glasses may not be enough. Our optometrist will use advanced technology to help improve the aspects of your vision which are lacking. One popular treatment tool is virtual reality.

Optometrist in Sandy Springs

If you want to excel in your sport, contact Eye 1st Vision Center. We can conduct a sports vision test to determine which aspects of your vision may be holding you back and create a program to address these vision problems. After just a few vision therapy sessions, you should start seeing a difference in your vision and athletic performance. If you stick with it, you will notice a significant improvement in your hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and tracking. For more information about sports vision, our other optometry services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (404) 252-1702.


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