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Proper eye care in Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas of Brookhaven, Marietta, Atlanta, and Roswell depends on your situation and current vision. When you visit a doctor of optometry for an exam, you may discover that you have astigmatism and need treatment for the complication. In our clinic, we provide the treatment and care your eyes need for long-term well-being and health.


What is Astigmatism?

When a doctor of optometry determines that you have astigmatism, it relates directly to the curvature of your eyes. An imperfect curvature means that light does not refract properly into your eyes and it may cause blurriness or other complications with your vision. 

Generally, the condition occurs when the lens or the cornea has an irregular shape. Instead of a perfectly round shape, it may have some distortions that cause the light to refract oddly into your eyes. The impact of the condition is distorted and blurred vision. It is possible for individuals to have the condition at birth and many adults may notice the symptoms as they age. In many cases, it causes nearsightedness or farsightedness and requires proper treatment to limit the impact on your vision.

Treatment for the Condition in Sandy Springs

Treatment for the condition in Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas depends on the severity of the condition and your vision. At our clinic, we evaluate the vision and determine the underlying cause by identifying the type of astigmatism impacting your eyes. We may run tests to determine the type of astigmatism and then suggest a treatment strategy based on your needs.

Generally, we use corrective lenses to help improve your vision. We may suggest glasses or contact lenses, depending on your situation and eyes. Keep in mind that corrective lenses for astigmatism differ from other lenses because they are correcting a problem with the shape of your eyes. You want to obtain specialized lenses based on the evaluation of a doctor.

When to Consider an Eye Exam

If you suspect astigmatism due to changes in your vision, then you may want to consider an exam to check on the health of your eyes. Blurred and distorted vision is not always related to the shape of your eyes and you want to work with a doctor of optometry to ensure that you have appropriate treatment.

When you are unsure about the changes in your eyes or have not noticed a change, you still want regular exams to check on your vision. Generally, you need an annual exam; however, some individuals may need additional exams throughout the year. Children, older individuals or pregnant women should consider bi-annual check-ups to avoid complications associated with hormonal changes, natural aging or growing. Do not wait to seek treatment for your eyes when you suspect a condition or have concerns about changes to your eyes.

Visual health starts with proper check-ups and treatments. When you live in Sandy Springs, Marietta, Brookhaven, Atlanta or Roswell, we offer treatments to identify complications that may impact your ability to see clearly. We provide examinations and treatments that identify astigmatism or other conditions that distort your ability to see objects in your surroundings clearly.

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