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CRT Orthokeratology Lenses at Eye 1st Vision Center

If you're a longtime user of contact lenses, you may be quite accustomed to the rituals associated with inserting, wearing, and caring for these corrective devices from day to day. But maybe you've been hoping for some better way to enjoy clear daytime vision -- something more discreet than eyeglasses, but less permanent than LASIK. Eye 1st Vision Center in Sandy Springs may have just the thing you've been looking for: CRT orthokeratology lenses that reshape your corneas as you sleep.

CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) and Orthokeratology

CRT, or corneal refractive therapy, is a particular process and method for making orthokeratology lenses -- specialized lenses that gently mold the corneal contours overnight. Simply insert the lenses at bedtime and go to sleep. When you awaken, you'll find that your corneas have taken on the ideal shape to match your corrective prescription, letting you see clearly all day long. (Some people continue to see clearly for a few days before they need to re-insert the lenses.) This frees you from the daytime hassles of cleaning, maintaining, inserting and removing contacts while you're trying to live your busy life. Since the corrective effect is temporary, you can discontinue it at any time and try a different corrective option (as opposed to the permanent alterations that are made during LASIK surgery).

Nearsighted Children Benefit Even More From Orthokeratology

As remarkable as the benefits of orthokeratology certainly are for adults, they may be even more significant for children who suffer from myopia (nearsightedness). These lenses have been shown to reduce the progression of the eyeball elongation that causes nearsightedness during this formative period. Kids who wear CRT lenses may, therefore, end up with better visual acuity in adulthood, allowing them to make use of milder corrective prescriptions and helping them avoid myopia-related problems such as retinal detachment. Ask either eye doctor on our team whether your child might need or benefit from this remarkable technology.

Orthokeratology is mainly prescribed for myopia because it seems to handle that refractive error particularly well. But it can also be helpful for less severe cases of hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and even presbyopia (the age-related focus problems that usually call for multifocal lenses). Your eye doctor at our optometry clinic can perform a detailed eye and vision exam to determine whether these lenses will provide you with the right degree of correction.

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