Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses have lenses that are given a special coating to reduce glare. Glare distorts images, especially under water, on the road, and on the playing field on a sunny day. When you wear polarized glasses, you can see brightly illuminated objects more clearly. You can have more fun outdoors and drive more safely. Here are three things our optometrist at Eye 1st Vision Center, serving Roswell, Marietta, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, and Atlanta, GA, would like you to know about polarized glasses.


Your Polarized Glasses Work by Blocking All but Vertically Reflected Rays of Light

Horizontal objects, like the surface of a lake, the road in front of you, or a tennis court reflect bright sunlight horizontally into your eyes. The objects of your attention, whether it is a fish under the surface of a lake or a softball in mid-air or traffic coming down the other side of the road, usually aren’t flat or horizontal.

Polarized glasses have lenses coated with a special film that blocks rays of light that aren’t being reflected vertically. By blocking the glare of sunlight reflected off horizontal surfaces, polarized glasses help you see objects more clearly.

Polarized Glasses Come in Multiple Colors

When you look for polarized sunglasses available over the counter in department stores and outdoor supplies retailers, you will see many lenses in the same boring shades of green. Some retailers offer polarized glasses in shades of yellow for winter eye protection or hunting. But polarized glasses come in multiple colors that can match your personal style. Darker colors provide greater protection from glare. 

Our Optometrist Can Fit You With Polarized Glasses That Have Prescription Vision Correction

If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, getting glare prevention from over the counter polarized glasses comes at the price of having a fuzzy view of the world. Our optometrist can prescribe polarized lenses with the refractive correction you need, giving you the benefit of amazingly sharp vision and freedom from eye strain and headaches. Our optometrist offers a wide selection of polarized glasses, with many variations in color and frame.

Don’t Put off Getting the Polarized Glasses You Need

Our Doctor of Optometry at Eye 1st Vision can help you address all of your vision needs. If you have any further questions about polarized glasses or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (404) 800-3705 or visit us online.



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