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At Eye 1st Vision Center, we offer quality care for eye and vision health in a professional environment. We also provide information on continuing care and lifestyle changes that patients of all ages can adopt to keep their eyes healthy. Many people develop dry eye syndrome as a result of biological processes in the eye or daily habits. This condition will likely persist until it is treated. Our eye doctors in Sandy Springs have gathered some questions that we run into regarding dry eye.


Q: How does someone develop dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome can happen as a result of chemical imbalances in the makeup of your tears. Interestingly, tears have multiple components which play different roles in keeping the eyes moist, supple, and protected from outside dirt and debris. If the tears do not have enough of an oily layer they may evaporate too quickly to be able to coat the eye in moisture and adhere to its surface.

Inflammation of the glands that produce tears can lead to a lack of moisture. As we continually blink throughout the day, we spread a layer of tears across the eye for a full coating of moisture. When this layer becomes insufficient, dry spots can form and become red, itchy, and irritated.

Q: Can outside factors make dry eye syndrome more likely to occur?

Some conditions that affect other areas of the body can sap moisture in the eyes, like diabetes, thyroid disorders, rosacea, arthritis, and lupus. The medications that are needed to treat certain conditions are naturally dehydrating. Some of those medications include birth control, cold and allergy medications, treatments for Parkinson’s disease, and blood pressure medications. Certain lifestyle habits can lead to drying effects in the body, such as a diet lacking in green vegetables and moisture-rich components like omega-3 fatty acids. Smoking and excessive drinking can also produce the same effect.

Q: What can be done at home to help reduce the irritation of dry eye?

Once our eye doctors determine the particular factors playing into your case of dry eye and talk with you about your lifestyle and activities, several different strategies can be recommended. Try to shield your eyes from windy weather. Take breaks during long hours of working at a computer screen or reading. Consider adding a humidifier to your workspace, home, and any places you spend a great deal of time.

Get Dry Eye Relief in Sandy Springs, GA

When the at-home solutions aren’t enough to soothe your dry eye symptoms, contact the professionals. We can provide products to reduce and eliminate your symptoms. For all of your optometry needs or concerns, our team at Eye 1st Vision Center in Sandy Springs is here for you. Call us today at (404) 252-1702 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.


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