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  • Blepharitis FAQ
    Blepharitis is a condition that causes the eyelids to become inflamed. This can be a very uncomfortable and inconvenient condition to have, but there are treatments for it. If you Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups
    People generally remember the importance of receiving a physical exam at least once a year. However, annual eye exams often get missed, and patients will let their eyesight go unchecked Read more
  • Aging and Your Eyes
    Our bodies go through changes as we get older, and the eyes are part of that process. Many of the changes that affect our eyes can begin in our 40s Read more
  • Farsighted vs Nearsighted
    Farsighted vs Nearsighted If you've been having problems with your vision and whether you're farsighted or nearsighted, you will need an optometrist to assist you. At Eye 1st Vision Center, we Read more
  • Pink Eye FAQs
    Our Sandy Springs Optometrist Answers Your Pink Eye FAQs Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, occurs when something irritates and inflames the thin transparent membrane covering the outer eye and inner eyelid Read more
  • Dry Eye Tips for Colder Weather
    Dry Eye Tips for Colder Weather Dry eye can occur at any time of the year, but it is most common during the winter months. Some people experience dry eye for Read more
  • Signs Of Sight Loss
    The Signs of Sight Loss Losing your sight can be devastating. Sight loss can be caused by many different medical conditions and also by injury. Caring for your eyes with a Read more
  • Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye
    Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye If you have dry eye syndrome, you may experience scratching or burning sensations, sensitivity to light, and other issues. At Eye 1st Vision Center in Read more
  • FSA Benefits
    FSA Benefits As the end of the year approaches all thoughts turn to the New Year and to using all of your FSA benefits before the end of the year. Flex Read more
  • Sports Eye Safety
    Sports Eye Safety Protective eyewear can prevent 90% of eye injuries. At Eye 1st Vision Center in Sandy Springs, we provide exceptional optometry services for sports-related eye injuries and offer sports Read more
  • Myopia Control in Kids
    Myopia Control in Kids Children with myopia exhibit many subtle symptoms that can be easily missed. Some of these symptoms include complaints of headaches, eye rubbing, excessive squinting, and attempts to Read more
  • Benefits of Polarized Glasses
    Benefits of Polarized Glasses If you spend plenty of time boating or fishing in Sandy Springs, you will enjoy the outdoors more with polarized glasses. An optometrist may also recommend polarized Read more
  • Floaters
    Floaters Taking care of your eyes is hugely important, especially as you start to get older. If you've started to notice floaters in your vision, visit our Sandy Springs optometrist as Read more
  • Smoking and Eye Health
    Smoking and Eye Health 3 Detrimental Ways Smoking Affects Your VisionAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 14 percent of adults in the United States are smokers. Smoking can have Read more
  • Contact Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses When it comes to vision correction, the question that most people have to answer is whether to choose glasses or contacts. There are pros and cons Read more
  • Healthy Aging and Your Eyes
    Healthy Aging and Your Eyes Everyone wants healthy eyes throughout their lifetime, that goes without saying. Your eyes like the rest of your body are affected by your lifestyle and to Read more

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