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Posted on 12-31-2015

What Is CRT?

Patient preparing for CRT at Eye 1st Vision in Sandy Springs Doctors of optometry evaluate and treat a wide variety of disorders which cause vision loss. One treatment growing in popularity is called corneal refractive therapy. 

What is corneal refractive therapy? How does it work? 

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) is a non-invasive method that can temporarily improve eyesight.  Paragon CRT is a trademarked brand of lenses, while "Ortho-K" or orthokeratology describes the general treatment method. 

With CRT, a person is prescribed specialized contact lenses which are worn during the night. These lenses are designed to gently reshape the surface of the corneas, which can temporarily correct daytime vision (corneas will retain their altered shape for several hours after CRT lenses are removed). 

By regular nighttime wear, CRT lenses allow many people to go about their daily lives without the need for additional visual aids. As with regular contacts, it's important to keep CRT lenses properly cleaned to reduce the risk of eye irritation or infection.

Who can get corneal refractive therapy? 

While not everyone is a candidate for this treatment, people who use CRT generally find it to be safe, comfortable, and affordable. The best candidates are people with mild to moderate myopia (nearsightedness). Certain people who either cannot or do not want to undergo corrective eye surgery like Lasik may also benefit from CRT. People who are frequently exposed to smoke or noxious gases may also be interested in CRT, since it can help them avoid having to wear corrective eyewear during the day.

An eye doctor would not recommend CRT for people with certain conditions, such as dry eyes, eye infections, corneal hypoesthesia, and some systemic diseases. 

Wondering if corneal refractive therapy is right for you?

 At Eye 1st Vision Center, your vision health is our number one priority. Our optometrist is here to answer all your questions about CRT. If you live in the Sandy Springs, Marietta, Brookhaven, Roswell, and Atlanta, GA areas, call our office to set up your appointment today. 

Do you think you could benefit from CRT?

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