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Signs That Your Kids Have Vision Problems

Our Eye 1st Vision Center Shares Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

The American Optometric Association indicates that up to 80% of a child’s learning is with their eyes, with one in four children suffering from vision problems severe enough to impact their performance in school. With so much at stake, it is critical that your child’s eyes are checked early and regularly.  Eye 1st Vision Center of Sandy Springs recognizes you will do everything possible to help you succeed in school. Below are four warning signs indicating your child’s eyesight may be impaired. 

Child suffering from vision problems


Has your child been complaining of itchy eyes? Have you noticed his/her eyes are often red or irritated? Frequent eye rubbing or blinking is typically a sign of eye strain and can be an indication that your child’s eyes are tired. Headaches often accompany this irritation. 


Many children find that squinting helps relieve nearsighted blurry site, as well as distortion from astigmatism. If your child is nearsighted, they are able to see objects close to them but have difficulty seeing objects far away. 

Covering One Eye

Many children have one eye that is weaker than the other. When this occurs, their natural reaction is to cover the weaker eye. This defense mechanism may help in the short term but can lead to permanent vision loss if not addressed early on. 

Short Attention Span

Children with farsighted vision are able to see objects far away but have difficulty seeing things up close. While this impairment is more difficult to diagnose, a short attention span is a good indicator that your child may need to be tested. Activities such as reading and coloring are difficult and frustrating, as they are unable to see what is in front of them. 

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