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  • Benefits of Polarized Glasses
    Benefits of Polarized Glasses If you spend plenty of time boating or fishing in Sandy Springs, you will enjoy the outdoors more with polarized glasses. An optometrist may also recommend polarized Read more
  • Floaters
    Floaters Taking care of your eyes is hugely important, especially as you start to get older. If you've started to notice floaters in your vision, visit our Sandy Springs optometrist as Read more
  • Smoking and Eye Health
    Smoking and Eye Health 3 Detrimental Ways Smoking Affects Your VisionAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 14 percent of adults in the United States are smokers. Smoking can have Read more
  • Contact Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Contact Lenses vs Traditional Glasses When it comes to vision correction, the question that most people have to answer is whether to choose glasses or contacts. There are pros and cons Read more
  • Healthy Aging and Your Eyes
    Healthy Aging and Your Eyes Everyone wants healthy eyes throughout their lifetime, that goes without saying. Your eyes like the rest of your body are affected by your lifestyle and to Read more
  • Which Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?
    Choosing Contact Lenses in Sandy Springs A variety of factors can play into selecting contact lenses in Sandy Springs. A lot will depend on your vision, including not only your prescription, Read more
  • FSA Benefits
    Flex Spending Account Benefits For millions of Americans, medical expenses are a regular part of their lives. On average, US citizens spend approximately $11,000 per year on medical costs. Fortunately, employees Read more
  • Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Let Our Sandy Springs Optometry Team Help You Choose Between Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses Here at Eye 1st Vision Center, we understand that everyone has different vision needs. Whether you prefer Read more
  • Computer Vision FAQs
    Computer Vision FAQs Computer vision is a condition that comes from too much focusing on the computer and other display devices. It involves the eye muscles not being able to recover Read more
  • Early Signs of Glaucoma
    Early Signs of Glaucoma Just like the word arthritis covers over 100 types of joint disorder, glaucoma is a word describing a number of eye disorders. The disorder can happen at Read more
  • Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision: More Matters Month
    Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision Good eye health is essential for your vision. The foods you eat play an important role in the prevention of eye diseases. Eating Read more
  • Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems
    Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems At Eye 1st Vision Center in Sandy Springs, we understand that a child requires good vision to succeed at school. Students read, write, and Read more
  • Early Symptoms of Macular Dystrophy
    Early Symptoms of Macular Dystrophy At Eye 1st Vision Center, we provide quality services and are happy to be your optometrist in Sandy Springs and surrounding areas. One of the key Read more
  • Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye
    What Are The Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye Dry eye is a very common condition. Your eyes are lubricated by tears and when your eyes are not able to produce Read more
  • Back To School Glasses
    An Overview of Back to School Glasses Eye 1st Vision Center When children start to go back to school, this means the eye doctor is going to be busy. This is Read more
  • Signs Of Sight Loss
    Common Causes and Treatments Of Sight Loss The eyes are a fragile part of the human body. Made of several small parts, disruption to anyone can cause some impairment to your Read more

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